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Out of Time

Posted by on 23. November 2008

After having a blast last Saturday, I’m back to dealing with the intricacies of day to day life on early Monday morning… had so much work last week that I had my early adieu last Friday… and now, I’m faced with the a handful of tasks going to the board meeting next week…

A week going to the board meeting… That means I’m really Out of Time for my requirements… Waah… How to do all those things in such a short time??? Financials, Budget, Finance and all the board queries… That’s why I don’t want the days approaching Christmas as there’s so much to do…

A week before I go off shore to Cambodia for the board and on how to prepare all those things is a question that yet has to be answered… well, I guess with the little time I have, I should get back to reality and work… =>

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