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Ordinary Month of July

Posted by on 4. July 2012

Enjoying life is not about creating special days but it is making ordinary days feel special.

Finer Side

For the past three months, I’ve been in the fast lane going from one place to another.  Trips, Runs, Rides, Duathlons, Training Camps and a lot of out of town and out of the country travels in between.  I’ve probably been out of town for weekends around 90% of the time for the period.  I always spend my summer months this way.   Taking a plunge in the finer side of life and having the time of my life.  I did try not to over indulge by still trying to complete my multisport training load though more on just maintenance level.  The thing about fitness. If you’re consistent with it, it get easy but once you slack around it’s an uphill climb.  It was fun while it lasted but I want to go back to the ordinary days.

Ordinary Days

One thing that characterizes an ordinary day is that it seems like a routine and it’s what I’m looking forward to now.  I’m changing gears and moving to the slow lane.  Let me start by defining what an ordinary day for me and it includes eat, sleep, work and a lot of TRAINING.  I need to go back in to the all-out, no quit, no complains, no excuses, build-up-my-endurance phase of my training.  For that I need to relearn the simple concept of ROUTINE.  Less time for travel, less time for fun, less time for social activities, less time racing and more time to train hard.  I’ve been in this training lifestyle for about two years now and one thing that you can’t have overnight is endurance.  Endurance can only be built by consistent and longer training.  I’ve identified already several key races and I’ll be working to go back to my A-Shape and be a lot more competitive.  Ordinary days will become special as with each passing day, I’ll be keenly measuring how much I progressed in getting back at full intensity.

Busy Days

Another thing that brings me back to reality is that the half year financial work is incoming and I need to endure tons of stress again.  I still have a lot of things to fix and probably this will never change.  What makes work difficult is that no matter how you set structures to set things in place, people just tend to mess them up because of misguided priorities.  Oh well, as much as I am still here let me try to continue bringing sanity in a chaotic system but of course, I’m still looking forward to finally moving forward to other endeavors.  There will be the proper time for that.  Its the direction I am seeing and will strongly be pursuing.  I’d rather take a leap of fate than tormenting myself on endless whining and discontent.  I’m taking action and I know positive outcomes are coming.

Fresh Content

I got 6,500++ unique hits in this bog site for the month of June. I’m now challenged to come up with fresher contents on this site.  I really appreciate how my hits has grown and how this site has grown as at this time last year this was just an idea and now it’s a reality.  I hope that even if I’m opting for ordinary days, I would still be able to come up with extraordinary contents.  I’ve slowly introduced some literary articles I’ve done in college and once I’ve introduced more, it’s gonna have its own section here.   Then there’s still some sporty ventures to talk about like duathlon clinics, TRX sessions, weekend bike training and of course, the adventures of Team Total Fitness.  I’ll also rewriting and reliving my travel adventures every time I get a chance so there’s still a lot to write about.


It’s a different mix this month.  I guess I can say staying focus is the flavor of this month.  And as always, it’s gonna be quite an adventure.  Ordinary times I call them when my feet are on the ground at a constant forward motion or my butt is sitting on my saddle with my feet on consistent pedaling motion.  The recurring plane rides and long drives are set to be flavors of another month.  And yes, it does rain much this time of the year but who cares, it’s fun to run or ride in the rain.  With that, I’m all set to having just an ordinary month of July.

54 Responses to Ordinary Month of July

  1. Dhadha G.

    6,500++ unique hits for the month of June? WOW! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Mary Jane Tauyan (@tauyanm)

    wow!! 6,500 hits is indeed one of the really great things to happen! god bless you and more to come! xx

  3. Chel

    You know what, I admire how focused and determined you are. Keep it up!

  4. Jem Alvarado (@esupermommy)

    Adventure always makes our life full and gives us a lot of discoveries. Sometimes I also make an ordinary day a special day to make my it the day worthy and not boring 🙂

  5. marrimye

    Sometimes we do so much but we never meet our expectation.
    There are times that we just do a little of something and a HUGE blessing comes
    our way… We never know what the future may bring us, we can only PRAY for better
    days ahead for GOD will only give us what we need and not what we want.

  6. Adeline Yuboco

    Congratulations on those blog stats! Keep them up!

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