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One long gimmicky night in FinEng

Posted by on 21. October 2005

Had our final dinner in our Financial Engineering class yesterday and it was a very very long night… It started with a Dinner for the whole class at Rastro in Rockwell… The food and wine was great… Actually, just seeing all the food, I was already full… and the owner was very accomodating… Had a great time here especially since I was on the wackier side of the dinner table.

Transfered at Music 21 in Jupiter at around 10 pm for some songs and entertainment… At first, no one wanted to hold the mic but; factor in a bit more time and a few glasses of beer… then comes a group of people singing at the top of their voice… and the fun begins… Stayed here until we’ve managed to gulp down two barrels of beer… thanks for the bartending skills of our very own professor…

The night wasn’t over though as we went to Starbucks in Rockwell for a round of coffee… which ended up featuring stories of former outing of Sir Lito’s class… which ironically ended up into a conversation about ghosts… hehe… must be the spirit of alcohol… not to mention all soul’s day coming in a few weeks… After a few stories… the night was over…

An exhilarating ending to our financial engineering class which proved to be a very challenging subject… going over all those derivative products and being up to date with the latest development in each corner of the world… and of course, a lot of cramming for the final paper and the final exam…

That’s just makes the end a lot more fun… Hey, if you have to work hard, you’ll just have to play hard… That’s FinEng in a nutshell.

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