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On Zoos, Roads and Families…

Posted by on 19. May 2008

My weekend in Sydney has been all about Zoos, Roads and Families… Friday had me going to Taronga Zoo which not only feature countless of animals but also a magnificent harbor view of the Sydney CBD… I’m not really a newbie in Zoos but this has to be the area where the Kangaroos and Koalas were such a delight to see… Had dinner with my Cousin Becky and her family Friday Night…

On still on Kangaroo’s and Koalas, had a more intimate encounter at Featherdale zoo where I got a photo of petting a koala and feeding a kangaroos… wombats, penguins and tazmanian devils are also so cute… then it was our long road to Jenolan Caves with Renato… a few long hours later… We were there with the enormous caves and had explored one with an underground stream and the formation was amazing (though I still like Palawan’s underground river better)… The trek back to our parking slot was more challenging with slight rains and slippery walks… Then there was barbeque with the Ramon Family, there’s so much relatives here… Auntie Doray, Uncle Nato and Auntie Basyang, Manong Manny and Family, Manong Sammy and Family, Manang Tessie, Michelle and Family, Renato, Rochelle and Rowena…

After spending the night with Brian and Tiff, we headed to the Blue Mountains with Arthur, Chelsea, Michael and Therese… The blue mountain had nice gorges and the popular three sisters… A steep rail trip down and a cable car trip up… a tour around the old miners village… wine tasting and a melted chocolate drinks… picnic… and I remembered it was freezing cold with less than 8 degrees temperature… It was a nice chilly experience spent with cousins… and followed a dinner at Uncle Ben and Auntie Yolly… Again so much cousins on the Estepa side of the Family, Auntie Esme, Uncle Ben and Auntie Yolly, Arthur, Erick, Brian with Tiff, Michael and Yehlen… Spent the night at Uncle Ben’s place…

Monday was a more relaxing day with just shopping for souvenirs (how to place all those things in my bag??? hehe)… I’m a bit sleepy with a lifestyle that makes me sleep Philippine time and wake up on Australian Time… hehe… but at least, I get to enjoy the hospitality of relatives out here… Few more days before I go out of the freezer and move into the oven… =>

87 Responses to On Zoos, Roads and Families…

  1. Debarpan

    looks like you enjoyed a lot there bro.

  2. Rhea Bue

    OMG! They’re so adorbs!!! I wanna touch them too.. hihihihi 😀 I wish we had those kind of Zoos here 🙂

  3. Cindy

    Cool zoo!!! I dream of someday visiting Australia!

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