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On Business Class Upgrade

Posted by on 30. May 2008

Had a stroke of luck this morning on our flight to Bangkok… Jing and I, together with our arranger Benedict was upgraded to business class… The economy section was fully booked and they needed to ease someone out in the economy class and by random, we got selected (one reason maybe is that Jing’s birthday is upcoming… =>) …
Coincidental??? maybe… but probably an excellent reward for all those hard work in the past few days for our funding activity… And just realised that 3 hours in business class is such a short time since you’re comfortable, well-take cared off and very much entertained… I really wouldn’t have minded if the plane would take a longer time before reaching our destination since our next flight had a five-hour waiting time…
Anyway, I sure liked the treat we got and I’m now in Raffles in Phnom Penh blogging after going over the final details of our to dos… with tomorrow being another tough day with a plant tour in Kampong Cham and yet a battery of meetings… Rest is next in line after our nice drink of hot choco in elephant bar in the hotel…. ZZZZ

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