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Now on a Single Timezone

Posted by on 5. March 2009

Almost a year ago, I was cramming in preparing my materials for a German Bank… It was a full day before my Bday and I ended up having a nice presentation… which led to a letter of intent… then a very tough due diligence process… real tough that I’d practically have to make do in my regular Ph timezone and be alert on my emails on German Timezone… and that lasted to almost a year to this day…

I now have my second disbursement today… so except for routine queries time to time, I am now back to just a single Ph timezone… Yipee… The difference after such a diffilcult task… Well, not much monetary reward but there’s a thing we call as fulfillment… and plus the fact that there’ll be more time to relax (ok… that’ll be after the annual report)… Just keeping funds at this time and circumstances is a real challenge and it’s a plus to be able to raise funds…

So what’s next… I’m in dire consideration of a consulting practice… I just feel there’s a niche market for mid size companies needing people to do funding activities, developing controls, financial projections, strategic management and some accounting matters without the resources to hire someone on a full time basis… Then again, there’s still a lot school of thought that has to go on this business model… and of course, I’m still employed full time… Something worth considering especially if I could be of help to these companies… It’ll be a nice application to developed skills and all those things learned in MBA (Yes, aside from the usual get together among Ateneo friends, I did learn a lot in these phase of my life)…

Of course, a lot of those plans are still made on a dreamy phase and still a lot of cost benefit analysis involved… but we’ll get there… For the mean time, there’s still a tough annual report stretch and more importantly, all the fun and festivities that comes when celebrating a birthday… See you friends during the weekend… =>

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