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My Triple 8 in SIngapore

Posted by on 9. August 2008

I’m now in the easy part of my Singapore Trip… surviving a barrage of meetings and a very energy-draining board meeting in JB, Malaysia… So while people had spent their triple 8 being lucky so I had mine being the center of attention but I guess, even tough moments are eased out by preparation… but an exhausting two-days still…

Still have a day here… before my flight home… but it looks like I need to be back here next week for another meeting… haay… at least, lucky for me that I was able to convince my way not to extend a day or two as my supply of clothes is just enough… I still have things to do in Ph… At least, a streak of luck…

Funny, everytime I blog about -kets (two-kets, threekets), I end up having additional trips… Looking forward to my vacation in Hong Kong at end of Month… Looks like there are still some travel in store during the year with the next board in Cambodia… I hope to squeeze in a few more trips within Ph in between… =>

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