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My Travels

My Travels

I always have half my foot onward to a new adventure and through the years, I’ve been able to explore places and have a better appreciation of the varying landscapes, cultures and attractions.  I love to Travel!!! Each place is a new experience and a new story waiting to be told and a new adventure waiting to unfold.

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19 Responses to My Travels

  1. Joshua

    I hope to get to travel a lot like you in the future. Traveling is always fun and enriching, I hope you have more travels in the future cheers!

  2. Eric

    Thank you for sharing such an amazing blog. You seem to really enjoy what you’re doing here and it shows. I look forward to seeing everything you post next!

  3. Seher - Simply in control

    Traveling truly broadens your horizons and makes you open minded and more accepting of others. I hope to travel to a lot more countries.

  4. Rosario Rositan

    Great posts. I have traveled extensively for pleasure and business and am currently working on a few projects to fund my ultimate venture, which is a reality TV show about travel, but not what you see on TV. It has a different twist to it. One reality TV show will have three different areas and each segment will change to another area. I have hundreds of global contacts prepared to assist us with our research, while we are visiting each country and scholars and archeologists prepared to join my team. I am putting together a team to join me on all segments and once I have that team, I will take my proposal to awaiting sponsors and investors. Just to give you a small peak, one segment will be about da Vinci, but not what he has accomplished in the past, but the search for his past, present and future and missing items. The proposals for some of the segments are available, but I wont expose on any forum. If your past assimilates travel, send me your email address. Happy traveling and remember that each small village you visit, has their own, small culture, with their own gastronomy, dialect, etc., all derived from their adjoining city. My mother is from Naples, Italy, but born in a small village 35 miles east of Naples, where their culture and way of life, even with a population of 990, is different than Naples, but you can see similarities, but the change is evident. They created their own dialect from the already beautiful Neapolitan dialect. Ciao, Rosario

  5. jay

    I just love to travel, however i was always lazy to write down my experiences. But I take so many photos that those can make the story of their own 🙂 and most of the time at least i try to make a review at least about the hotels and places, restaurants.
    I always appreciated those people who can write about it… great blog Franc!

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