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My Time in Clark

Posted by on 4. April 2010

Spent the Holy Week in Clark and the part I enjoyed about this former military base was that it was traffic free. Driving here was such an ease though as my regular nature is, we did get lost from time to time.

We stayed in Clearwater Country Club. The place was big and we had to drive from our inn to the reception area. I love the swing. The lake was a nice backdrop though I guess due to the heat the grass was dry. We also had our chance visiting Clark Expo, Zoocobia, Mimosa, Casino and visiting a few chapels as well. We had fine food and wine at Yats and London Pub.
Clark was a nice breather and it’s nice to see old american structures as offices and It’s an excellent location when you’d want to escape the city life.

10 Responses to My Time in Clark

  1. marrimye

    You know, I thought you always RUN whenever and wherever you go but this time… I don’t see any photo of you with your FAMILIAR running suit. LOL!!!

  2. Chubskulit Rose

    Getting lost is what hubby and I are good at lol. We have bad sense of direction.

  3. mhie

    I never been in Clark,thanks for sharing, it looks you had a blast there.

  4. Fernando Lachica

    Enjoying your time at Clark under all the circumstances of your journey. Live life to the fullest!

  5. Aisha Kristine Chong

    I am glad you had so much fun! 🙂 Clark is a good place it’s been while since I have been there myself.

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