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Mike is Back!!!

Posted by on 19. April 2008

FAA Group’s Mr(?). Pressure with poise Mike is back from Saudi for a month… I was able to gather a few former SGVeans to meet up in Pizza Hut Bistro last night in what turned out to be a very long night…

Just imagine the tales of foolish SGV days that transcends to several batches… a drum full of laughter and all the laglagan… and the unexplained connections and experience of people within the group (controversial and revealing… =>)… The unique part of the night was being able to gather that much in a matter of hours… It really doesn’t take much planning but rather a game of chance to have people be available…

Started with a Me, Mike and Anna, then came Al… Called in Mark with Mina and arrival of Macoy and then the final piece Ernie… All coming from several batches in SGV… So much have lapsed and stories to tell that made the night a lot more fun… and then just to see the how each story intersect is quite amusing…

But I guess, when past lives meets current events… It’s always a long night waiting to happen… and as of now, I’m stuck on a long day with having to wake up early for my regular car maintenance check and a warm up meeting for the annual general meeting in Singapore… and while I’m at it, I do have to check on the availability of flights for my vacations… =>

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