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Posted by on 29. June 2011
“Time is just a blip in eternity that’s why we have to make it count.”

It just seem like a blip of time ago that the year has began and suddenly half-a-year is now gone.  I do live in real time with each moment followed by another like a frenetic-paced race with so little time to take a breather but I don’t regret living in the fast lane.  I am my best when I am busy and when I say I am busy, I say it in a happy and upbeat way.  Well, there’s the up and down times at work and there’s a hectic and exhilarating running, training and travel schedules.

Funny how I’m building up my CV on my running and writing profile as new possibilities have opened up and I am happy that I’m making me progress.  I may be more visible in days to come. I guess the urgency now is not to find a new work environment but to be more in touch with my passions and try to make the most of it. Of course, that does not mean I’m complacently tied up to my chair as  I’ll always be on prowl for a change and It has always been what defines me.

Today, I got a chance to meet old career circles in form of colleagues and mentors and I did have a great time catching up.  Sometimes with all the running, writing and the traveling, I do forget that I am walking in the upper echelon levels in the finance and audit world.  This was my world and will probably still be and I was just able to make room for other satisfying thing. I’m making time matter even if the next few weeks will be back to the tougher times.

Half-year always meant that the busy days are here and that’s how the story has gone for the last eight years and things haven’t change.  I still have to visit Taipei to clear some issues and I’m still trying to figure out how to fit the next few heavy work weeks in my no-shit, no-excuses training program for my first attempt at half a marathon.  My creative juices are on a high thinking on how to make it work but I know how these will pan out, It’ll work with a bit of sacrifice and hard work.  Sacrifice means reducing travel load, shed of a few more pounds and train real hard.

And then there’s the tempting idea of switching to Duathlon, Aquathlon or even Triathlon but that’s a thought I’d reserve once I’m able to finish a 21K run.  Also, I do need to get the morbid thought of being run over while biking or drowning while swimming. These two disciplines would be like a reboot but who knows, the door is open for anything as just a blip of time ago, I never saw myself training hard for a run and probably in the next blip of time, I might be telling a whole new story…

40 Responses to Mid-Year

  1. pinoy wit

    Yeah, who would’ve thought the year would breeze by so fast? But you seem to be making good use of your days keeping busy and all. 🙂 I’m actually worried that time is going by so quickly and I still don’t seem to be enjoying life as much as I should. I don’t know if it’s just a matter of thinking more positively or I really have very little time in my hands to enjoy.

  2. Christian Melanie Lee

    Keep it up! Follow what you like to do in life.

  3. Rizza Javier

    Time really flies, especially when you enjoy what you do.

    • Franckxethee

      Yeah, time does go on the opposite direction we desire, too fast when we need much of it. Too slow when we have too much of it.

  4. Cai

    Time really flies so fast, just enjoy each day and don’t forget to thank God for each morning that He wakes you up! god bless!

  5. Njvelasquez

    Keep it up. And never forget to thank God for every blessed day He gives us.

  6. Yani Metrado (@YaniMetrado)

    Just make use of your time wisely 🙂 Be productive and ACTIVE!

  7. pinoybizness

    in this rat race world that we live, we must know how to balance everything. Good thing you still manage to exercise 🙂

  8. Mary Jane Tauyan (@tauyanm)

    live life to the fullest! time flies so fast! and your getting good at it! you put enough times on your good life and that the way to go! xx

  9. Kathy Ngo

    Opportunities are always there … just learn where to look ….

  10. Tess Chancellor

    Busy day for you .Busy but exciting days.You have done a great in scheduling and priorities so far. keep it op

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