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Merry Merry Christmas to All!!!

Posted by on 25. December 2008

At the onset of Christmas, I was really trying to find ways to spend it differently… Christmas in Baguio for the past has already been more of routine than celebration… So there must be something to add spark to the celebration…

Good for me, I thought of a formula to package the exchange gift + magic sing + raffle + cash prices… and it was a fun Christmas again… Everybody had to sing before they can get their gifts since the scores would be the basis of the raffle and the highest scores had cash prices… A bit painful to the pocket but at least, everybody had a great time…

The rest of the celebration had to do with some wines and tequilas… and of course, it made the night much more fun and everybody was set for a rematch on New Year’s day and as for now back to Christmas celebration… =>

Excess Inkblogs: Off to manila tonight and we’ll be on a series of out of town starting tomorrow… Taking advantage of the long vacation…

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