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Mac and Mi

Posted by on 25. October 2009

After months of thinking of buying a Macbook, I finally had the will to buy one over the weekend and it’s a relearning process the whole weekend. I still have so many questions on how to maximize the features of Mac at the lowest cost. I guess, I’ll get my answer in time. At the least, I’m now able to use the regular internet functions, update Itunes and update audio and video codecs. How to come up with applications at the cost-efficient manner, this I have to learn yet.
Also, was able to get my customized Adidas Mi early this week in its purple and gold colors and I like it. The personalized feel… I did choose colors that is not easy too pair with other shoes but I’ll find a way to mix and match. It was a nice surprise last Monday that my Adidas Mi was available after 2 full weeks of waiting and I got it at 50% discount at that time.
It’s not my ordinary week but the pressure has been mounting for the requirements for the upcoming board meeting. Busy times are here though it was nice to squeeze some time to meet up with She and other friends last Tuesday. The deadline has been tighter given that there’ll be a holiday before I leave so finished or unfinished, pass your papers at the end of the month. It’s gonna be another tough week… Haay!!!
There’s always a function of pride in the equation that no matter how stressful the times, I still will try to do the job within office hours. No extra time for work. In fact, I have packed some of my stuff for the gym tomorrow as I await my coding cutoff. Need to unload some calories. I was a bit sluggish and sick last week so might as well, try to be healthy this week.
And part of being healthy is catching some sleep… ZZZZzzzzzzzzz…..
Thoughtless Thoughts: “We always try to find short cuts yet there is always something we gain by taking the long hard road.”

2 Responses to Mac and Mi

  1. RONDZ

    nice! Mac should be easy. you'll enjoy it, i swear.

  2. Franc

    yeah, I hope… Still many questions though… Do I need to upgrade to Snow Leopard? Should I have dual OS with Windows? Do I need to get an Mac based office? and a lot more… hehe…

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