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Lost in Translation

Posted by on 18. June 2007

A few minutes before end of office hours Friday… I was informed by Ms. Del that our CEO sent an SMS requesting me to sit in the meeting with him, the head of marketing production, Philippine operation and treasury the next day… no problem… not really, I was suppose to go home, pack my bags and go to Baguio for a trip to 100 Islands in Pangasinan on Sunday… Being the loyal employee that I am… hehe… I attended the meeting, which was held in the afternoon… the medium of communication was mandarin, being the rest except me Taiwanese… Imagine watching those koreanovelos with no subtitles… Apparently our CEO wanted me to be more in the loop on other operational issues and for the 5% of the time that English was the mode of communication… I was able to grab some, at the very least…

Anyway, I really need to learn mandarin, with the travel schedule I have in chinese speaking countries but I’ll probably take one after September as I’m still enjoying life after studying for some time… So was really lost in translation but even if they had the whole meeting in English, the case would still be the same… as my mind is wondering in the journey to the province of Alaminos… and as the meeting adjourned, I decided to skip dinner and next was my dash towards another adventure… so off I go…

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