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Let’s Talk About Coffee and Bikes at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe

Posted by on 1. February 2016

There’s a different taste and story with each cup of coffee. Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe gave me a better appreciation of how a coffee should be.  More than being among the few specialty coffee places in the Metro, Maximus is an athlete’s sanctuary with product and services that covers Cycling, Running, Training Technology and Nutrition.

Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe

Life is like a cup of coffee. It’s the bitter taste that keeps us awake.  I’ve always associated coffee with its bitter taste though at times you tend to forget that especially with how they load creams and sugar in coffee these days.  I’ve got a different picture of what a coffee should be at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe.  The taste varies from each region. Ethiopia would have a fruity and citrus taste (So far this is my favorite).  Brazil would have a taste of dark chocolates with roasted almond.  Their very own blend of Spartacus, which is a combination of Brazil and Costa Rica, has a light chocolate taste.

Spartacus Blend

Maximus doesn’t just give you a cup of coffee, they let you experience the different flavors that coffee has to offer. Then there’s the various ways to prepare coffee from a simple pour over, to the espressos and the lattes, the cold brew and the slow drip.   Different ways, different coffee experience.  Of course, I’m no coffee expert but with every visit at Maximus, I learn something new about coffee.  They also have pasta, grilled sandwiches, cakes and pastries that goes so well with their coffee.  Try their coffee and you’ll surely know how a fine cup of coffee should taste.   It won’t cost you much too as the price range is around P100-P200.

Slow Drip Coffee

Bikes and a lot more


Maximus redefines what a bike shop should be.  OUT with the cluttered look of most bike shop and IN with a more contemporary and relaxed look. There’s ample retail space that gives you enough room to move around while shopping for your fitness gear or availing their bike services.    It’s a sanctuary for athletes.  They can also hold events and launches in the coffee shop.  Having a cycling theme, their tables are designed with bike gear and wheel.

The place is conveniently located along Sparta Complex at 126 Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City. I’m a bit excited in the developments in the Sparta complex as of now. You have an indoor football field, a crossfit gym, several retail hubs and now, Maximus.


Shopping for a bike? There’s the top of the line bikes from Specialized and those elegant-looking Linskey bikes.  How about an upgrade? They also have the latest bike accessories, wheel-set and a lot more.  Need extra care for your bike?  They offer bike fitting, bike spa and tune up services.

Maximus got your nutrition covered.

It’s also a athlete’s hub with established footwear brands like Newton and Brooks as well as accessories coming from Vamos, Fuel Belt, Spenco,  Swiftwick, SL3S and others.  They also have the latest technology sports gadgets with Suunto, Garmin, Stages Cycling and GoPro.  They also cover your nutrition needs with Enervon Carb Gel, Gu, Nuun, Bonk Breaker and E-gel.

Got to have your Oakleys.

I really liked the concept for Maximus that my first attempt at a business venture is with them.  My company, Francramon Enterprises Inc., will be handling the Oakley eyewear business at Maximus.  Oakley Eyewear is known for its high definition optics that gives you a clearer, sharper vision without distortion.  It has unrivaled impact protection as well as 100% UV Protection.

Me with my friend Gryf, who’ll be handling the distribution of GoPro and the owners of Maximus Andy and Sheryll Leuterio.

The owners of Maximus is Andy and Sheryll Leuterio.  Coach Andy has been my coach for more than 5 years now and he’s one of the most passionate person I know being a top triathlete and a really good motivator of a coach.  If it weren’t for Coach Andy, I would probably still be a couch potato until now but thanks to his guidance, I’ve managed to tick off a lot of items in my bucket list as an athlete.  Coach Andy’s wife, Sheryll has really brightened up the place and really made a comfortable setting for Maximus.  I can say you’re in good hands with them because of their passion in the fitness lifestyle and the love of their coffee.

Maximus is now on its soft opening phase and is open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturdays. The grand opening would be on February 12, 2016.  Do visit the place and have a wonderful coffee experience.

Follow Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe

  • Facebook: Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe
  • Instagram: @maximusathletesshopcafe
  • Visit them at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe, Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City

63 Responses to Let’s Talk About Coffee and Bikes at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe

  1. Erica

    Not only does it look fancy but I’m loving the theme! Even if I’m not a coffee person I find myself enjoying this spot.

  2. Sam

    Kinda strange to have a bike and coffee shop. But I heard the same combo for archery. These concept stores are really capturing two loves in one shot 🙂

  3. Mommy Mecheel

    Such a unique combi for a new line of business. Marketing Strategies these days are on its highest level to keep up with technology and hobbies of individuals too.

  4. phyliciamarie

    The place is so well designed, and it still goes with the whole Sparta complex theme too! I’d love to see if they also have meals that are sparta themed, aside from the nutri bars, yeah?

  5. Jonathan Diesta

    The ambiance of the restaurant seems full of energy which matches the coffee that they offered. 🙂

  6. Bhushavali

    Athletes Coffee Shop??? Now, that’s something very interesting.. I am a coffee addict and I’m sure I”ll enjoy this place. There’s a similar place here in Chennai in India called Ciclo Cafe.

  7. courteneynoonan

    I didn’t know an athlete’s coffee shop existed! It’s so cool how they brew the coffee 🙂

  8. Dexter Tan

    I’m not an athlete but ill surely pop by this coffee place! Very interesting decor and i always love a good cup of joe.

  9. Stargazer

    This is a cool shop! It looks elegant and it is also an ideal place for athletes and collectors to hangout. This is very interesting.

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