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Jan’s Solo Outing

Posted by on 4. November 2007

It’s not something planned but just as I was home in Baguio for the long weekend it turned out Jan’s family would be taking a few days in Baguio for the weekend as well… so all of a sudden there’s a sudden blip on my activity radar aside from sleep of course… hehe…
Had lunch at Dencio’s in Camp John Hay with Jan and Cig… then came the long walk to the Lost Cemetary, Bell House and Ampitheater area in Camp John Hay… Nice to have my handy Canon S3 IS with me… John Hay is such a nice place for pictorials… Towards the end, we were having fun with picture effects with Jan holding me and Cig in the palm of her hands…
It was a short get together but I’m always glad to see friends in Baguio and seeing Jan in a different timezone… Most of AGSB gatherings happen at night… hehe… Jan and Cig had to return to their scheduled SPA and me I had to return to my favorite past time… sleeping…
By the way, about the title… It was more of a joke since Cig and I had been taking pictures of Jan solo and that it would appear as if it was Jan’s solo outing… hehe… I’m never photogenic in Baguio as my sleepy eyes is always sleepier in the cold Baguio climate… Franckee McSleepy…=>

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