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Incoming: Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge 2016

Posted by on 14. October 2016

Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge wants to bring out the best in you by setting a higher standard when in comes to the half marathon distance.  Chase that elusive sub 2 goal, go for a 2:30 cut-off or just chase the 3 hours clock.  Whichever battle you choose, it’s bound to bring out the best in you.

Read About:

Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge

My first half marathon was the most fulfilling among my half marathons.  I had 3-4 months to prepare for it and I was training hard both on sunny and rainy days.  There was no such thing as an excuse. I just went on to improve my resistance from a 10-15K runner to a half marathoner.  End result, I finished with a 2:23 for my first 21K. I would eventually reduce that time further but the first one was the most special because of the build up. I see the Pinoy Fitness 21K challenge as a throwback to those time that 21K was a golden distance where people would take months to prepare for the big race.

Pinoy Fitness challenges you in so many ways.  It let’s elite runners aim for the sub 2 hours finish time or even chase a new personal best. It lets experienced runner chase the sub 2:30 goal, which is a common qualifying time for some races. It also lets recreational runners progress to a sub 3 finish time.  Choose you battle!!! This is one important rule to remember, if you register for a sub 2 time, you only get the medal when you reach sub 2. The same goes for sub 2:30 and sub 3 finish time.  Another thing worth following is the competition among teams that has added some excitement to regular road races.

There’s also another challenge within the challenge.  The first 300 finisher of each wave gets a gold medal.  The rest of those who finish within the prescribed time will get a silver medal. Those registered in the sub 2 category will also get a sub 2 jacket.  The chase for speed happens on November 13, 2016 at SM Mall of Asia.

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • Date: November 13, 2016
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia Grounds
  • Gun Start
    • Sub 2 Wave: 4:30 AM
    • Sub 2:30 Wave: 4:35 AM
    • Sub 3 Wave: 4:40 am

Fees and Inclusions

  • Sub 2 Wave : P1,400 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, Finisher Shirt, Finisher Jacket and Qualifying Medal)
  • Sub 2:30 Wave: P1,000 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, Finisher Shirt and Qualifying Medal)
  • Sub 3:00 Wave: P950 (Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, Finisher Shirt and Qualifying Medal)


  • Online: Via Goorahna
  • In Store: (Sept 15 to October 30, Thurs to Sunday only, from 1PM to 8PM)
    • 2XU Store – 2nd level Glorietta 3
    • RUNNR Store Bonifacio Global City
    • RUNNR Store Trinoma
    • RUNNR Store Alabang Town Center
    • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia
    • Toby’s Shangrila

Race Updates:

18 Responses to Incoming: Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge 2016

  1. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    I have always been an aspiring to try physical activities like this, but unfortunately I didn’t always get a chance. That 21k challenge must be really challenging and tiring, but would love to try next time.

  2. Joanne De Leon

    I haven’t experienced running on marathons before. I used to be the fastest runner back in my childhood days, but that was just competing with neighbors who are boys. LOL but I seriously think it could’ve been one of my sports had I not focused on music. I will try one day. Maybe Lai and I will see each other on the tracks one day. 🙂

  3. Raymond Vasquez

    I love the finisher’s Jacket! It’s inspiring to see your posts about events like this that promotes active and healthy lifestyle. And the perks are awesome! If only I’m in MM. 🙂

  4. Fred

    So cool that there is not only a finisher’s t-shirt but also a finisher’s jacket! And they look very good. These are indeed nice rewards to look forward to after a grueling race like this one.

  5. TheGracefulMist

    I admire your dedication and enthusiasm in training for races. I`ve thought about running for regular exercise before and I`ve tried it. However, I`ve always heard from people that running can make the legs quite big. Do you think that`s true? I`m a female and I honestly don`t want to have big legs because I think I have them already.

    ✿ Grace ✿

  6. Zwitsy

    It’s been a while since I visited your blog. It’s still about marathon up until now. Whenever I visit your blog, it always gives me the thought of why not try to search of local marathons in our place for me to participate once in a while. I have been sick for a while and I guess, this sure is the answer to my health problems. Only such pinoy fitness available here, I’d surely give this a try!

  7. Shub

    The beautifully designed tees and medals always tempt me to take part in races. By the way, you mentioned about your prep for marathon. How do you exactly do it? May be one blog post for the same…

  8. Mommy Roxi

    Will you be joining this one too? Best of luck! I can barely do a 5k, but hoping to do so in the future!

  9. Elizabeth O

    Wow, 21k? Good luck for you, hope everyone will enjoy it! What a nice challenge!

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