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If the Bike Fits

Posted by on 3. June 2013

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I’ve been biking since late 2011 and my old fit for my bike was no longer working for me as I tend to move backwards when I do my rides and my cadence seems to be limited already.  I had my first bike fit when my bike was 2 days old and was based on what was my optimal performance by that time which I was able to maximize for several duathlons and bike rides.  I wanted to shake things up a bit so i decided to try out a new technology when it comes to bike fit under the Specialized Concept Store, Body Geometry Fit.

BG Fit

Body Geometry FIT is the state-of-the-art and scientifically proven method of fitting the bicycle to the rider based on his strengths, limitations and riding style among others.  As its name suggest the technology matches a persons Body Geometry to their ideal and optimal bike fit.   The more you’re bike is synchronized to your strengths and style, the better you can perform.  Coach Andy Leuterio handled my bike fit.   The first part of the session was getting to know more about my bike history, injuries (this one’s a long list), training goals and riding style.  Up next was to check on the arch of my feet and the ideal seat width based on my normal riding position and bone structure.  I have a medium arch and there is a foot pad that can complement my foot type for better performance.   Coach Andy had me do some minor drills as well as measure my leg length and flexibility to find ideal seat height and saddle position.  I’m happy to say that my left and right leg have no discrepancy.

At 5 o’clock (left) and 12 o’clock (right)

Now to test the cadence under the old bike fit.  I warmed up for 3 – 5 minutes and checked 5 o’clock and 12 o’clock position.  I noticed that there was some inconvenience when I do the 12 o’clock position since my seat was too closed to the pedals.  I think this is one of the reason I’m moving back in my seat during rides to be able to stretch my leg more.    Lastly, my bike reach was checked and it turns out that my handle bars were too far so I was exerting more effort to reach the handle bars and the brakes.

Then it was time to make the adjustments.

  • Adjusted the clip of my bike cleats
  • Increased the seat height
  • Adjusted the saddle position further to the back.
  • Reduce bike stem

Since my seat post was too close to the pedal,  it was adding some resistance to my cadence.  After the adjustments, I was able to increase my cadence since I can now fully stretch my legs. and leg stress was reduced.   I still have to locate the ideal bike stem for me so temporarily the stem was moved upwards so my reach to the handle bars and brakes would be better and less stressful.    Of course, the best way to test the fit was to try the bike out which coincided to my scheduled training for the day, which is a 1 and a half hour Sufferfest on Bike Trainers and a weekend workout with my bike.  I was able to increase my cadence by 20 to 30 revolutions per minute and bike speed by about 2 kilometers per hour and he workout felt more comfortable.   So far so good and I think I can now say the bike fits me perfectly.

Bdoy Geometry Fit is a service provided by Specialized Concept Store, Units 14 and 15 La Fuerza Plaza 1, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City 1231

113 Responses to If the Bike Fits

  1. Riza Acebuche

    so you’re a biker and runner as well, nice 🙂

  2. Fernando Lachica

    As far as I know, you have to get aquainted with the bike and yourself. So, that’s called Bike fit.

  3. chubskulit

    Glad that you have adjusted your bike now.

  4. Jhady

    Biking is one of my favorite fitness routines and used to do it when I was in PH. I still do it over here but only during summer time with my kids.

  5. lencilicious

    It’s really important to have the bike fits the rider. I’m glad your bike fits better now than before.

  6. Chubskulit Rose

    I think this year, my whole family will have to buy new bikes especially the kids, they have grown.

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