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iBlog: Another Monday I Don’t Hate

Posted by on 7. September 2009

Blogging at midnoon in Starbucks in Gbelt via my iPod is a good sign that This is another Monday I don’t hate. Four tiresome days of work and to my surprse another long weekend. The usual sleep all you can type wherein the rainy weather is a perfect backdrop to a visit in dreamsville but on the contrary decided to be a bit healthy this week with a visit to the gym – a place where my lazy bones hasn’t seen for ages. Badminton time on Sunday was missed on account of oversleeping. I’m spending my Another I don’t hate Monday finishing up some chores and errands. Then there’s the usual spending spree during weekends. My funds are so screwed. At least, it’s fit and lazy long weekend. Tomorrow is another Tuesday I’m gonna hate. =>

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