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I Don’t Hate Mondays on Holidays

Posted by on 31. August 2009

Second straight long weekend… and compared to the previous one… This one was a lazy one… Quite expected for back to back long weekend… and this one was more to recharge… Maybe to boost tourism, they shouldn’t have back to back long weekends as the average worker can’t afford to splurge for two straighht weeks…

A lazy weekend after a less than explosive week… just the routine closing… though we’re a bit delayed… I hope we can catch up and people to step up to finish the job… Finish or not finish start the next month… Yeah, I did drop by Blue Wave last Wednesday… Most part of the weekend was spent at bedside though I did go to the mall to save on electricity at home… hehe… Gbelt last Saturday(shopping)… Mall of Asia and Rockwell on Sunday (We did set the high score in Virtual Soccer in MOA Science Discovery Center and had my much needed haircut in Rockwell.)… and Gbelt again on Monday (I am the first official shooper in Gola in Gbelt, my purchase included a picture taking session as their first ever customer)…

I tried to stay away from work over the weekend but there are some minor disturbance (I-blind item ko na lang daw sya)… hehe… at least, it did have me lift a muscle… Oh well, some processes are meant to disturb me for a lifetime even outside the confines of audit… Then there were the long list of planned items that didn’t push through… cleaning my room… going to the gym… lazer tag… and meeting some friends for movie (one of my friend was a hero on national heroes day and decided to work… hehe)… There will always be other weeks for that…

For a change, I don’t hate Mondays on holidays… having the time to organize my Itunes folder… Photos… Application… before eventually going to the afternoon mall… beats those barely awake Mondays at the office… and in a few minutes, it’ll be Tuesday… A few hours left it’s gonna be back to work… waaaahhh…. I hate Tuesday this week… =>

Excess Inkblogs: It’s that 100th year foundation of my home town, Baguio City and I am sure the festivities are already under way. It’s been over 10 years now since I use to reside in the city of Pines and the place is so much different. The place that use to be the cleanest and greenest is no longer deemed as such. I’ve heard so much unpleasant news – market getting burned down, some issues on peace and order and a lot more I’d rather not dwell upon. I hope the higher ups there are starting to make things better. I guess, year 101 would be critical to uplift the city’s image and I hope it does, cause it’ll always be the place I will call home.

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