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Hoka One One is Now in Town

Posted by on 17. March 2017

I’ve always been hearing about how Hoka One One is such a go-to brand when it comes to running shoes.  I got a taste of the effectiveness of the shoes when I finally got a Hoka Speed Instinct in Singapore 3 weeks ago.  It’s really soft on the feet, smooth on the ground and despite its bulky look, it’s just 8.4 oz.  Well, now we don’t have to buy our Hokas in other countries now as Runnr has brought in the brand last March 16, 2017 with a Launch at Runnr Bonifacio Global City.

Hoka One One

Toby Claudio of Quorum Group Talks About Hoka One One

Toby Claudio of Quorum Group Talks About Hoka One One

“We are excited to be the official distributor of HOKA ONE ONE in the Philippines. The arrival of this amazing shoe brand in the country has long been anticipated by our local roster of triathletes, ultra- distance runners and marathoners,” said Toby Claudio, President of Quorum International Inc. and Founder of RUNNR. “As the leader in the local sports retail industry, we continue to support the growing Filipino running community by bringing in the best global brands.”

I almost missed out on the launch but decided last minute to join the launch since I believe in the prospect of this brand and I’ve always been supporting the brands under the Quorum Group and SRI.  I’ve been to numerous launches of Quorum Group and I always look forward when Toby Claudio speaks about the brand, whether it’s a running shoes, a socks, an accessory or even just an insole.  Toby knows his product and you don’t even need a press kit to write about the product.  Hoka One One is an amazing shoes that makes a maximalist shoes feel like a speed shoes.



He also mentioned that he met the Hoka owners 5 years ago and the brand could have come in earlier.  That got me thinking, What if Hoka One One came 5 years ago?  At that time, running was at a boom and the long distance runs / triathlons were just starting to peak.  I think it would still be a great brand at that time but I think the impact is much felt now with trails and ultras being more prominent in the running scene.  The Hoka launch also came with a touch of nostalgia as I got to see a lot of running friends I haven’t seen in a while.  Incidentally, these were friends I’ve grown into the community over the last 5 years too.  Really a lot of long time no sees here and there and I’m glad to see them again.  I guess that’s how excited the running community is with the Hoka Brand.  There’s been an even long queue for those who bought their shoes at the launch.

Welcome Hoka One One

Welcome Hoka!

Welcome Hoka!

RUNNR has been the Philippines’ leading running specialty store and they are the perfect partner to bring in the HOKA ONE ONE®, the award-winning running shoe brand that is making significant global strides with its maximalist sole design in the country.  Last March 16, 2016, It was finally time to fly Manila for the world renowned brand.

HOKA ONE ONE started in 2009 when Ultra Marathon champion Nico Mermoud realized he needed shoes to help him run downhill fast while reducing the shock that took a toll on his legs. Mermoud then partnered with fellow athlete Jean-Luc Diard in engineering a shoe that had more cushion than traditional running shoes and a uniquely carved geometry that encouraged an efficient foot strike – thus the revolutionary, lightweight running shoe brand was born.

Over the years, HOKA has become one of the most acclaimed running shoe brands in the world, winning accolades from Competitor Magazine, Triathlete and Runners’ World. The continuous growth of HOKA can be attributed to runners of all types embracing the brand’s goal of delivering lightweight, well- cushioned shoes with an exceptional ride.

Recognizing the demand of the growing Philippine running community for quality and high-performing products, RUNNR, a member of the Quorum Group of Companies, will exclusively carry the HOKA shoe line in the Philippines, adding yet another premium item in its already impressive mix of running products.

Philippines, it’s about time we experience HOKA ONE ONE. Why run when you can fly? Visit RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Cebu and grab a pair now!

My Hoka One One Experience

I’ve known that HOKA is coming to town since last year. I was too excited that when there was a sale in Singapore I got myself one and not being able to wait 3 weeks later.  I got a Hoka One One Speed Instinct, which is a trail shoes. When I wore it the first time, it was love at first stride.  It was really soft and comfortable for the feet.  Over the years, I’ve always been wearing minimalist shoes because maximalist shoes always meant that the shoe would be heavy.  The Hoka One One looks bulky right? Well, surprise surprise, it’s just 8.40 oz.  That’s the same weight as a minimalist shoes.  I’m sold immediately with getting both cushioned support and lightweight feel, which I probably need more now as my legs has also gone through years of wear and tear from running.

It’s one thing for a shoe to be comfortable but it’s another thing to be effective.  I took the shoe out on a run on the road. Surprisingly again, it felt smooth on the road.  It’s really rare for trail shoes to be smooth on the road. For trail shoes, you’ll need more traction and grip, which can slow you down on the road.  I was posting regular road pace with the speed instinct.  I’ll test it out more on the trail on do a more comprehensive review.  Based on the size of the lugs, it’s not an aggressive trail shoes but I guess this is good to go on regular trail conditions.  If you’re looking for a more aggressive shoes on technical trail, the Speed Goat and Challenge ATR is also now available.

Grab Your Hoka One One now

It’s time for you to experience Hoka One One and it’s time to fly Manila.  HOKA ONE ONE® shoes are available in Men’s and Women’s sizes (selected models) ranging from P6,295 to P7,295 at the following retail outlets:

  • RUNNR TRINOMA, LEVEL 2, SM TRINOMA EDSA cor. North Ave. Quezon City, 1105
  • RUNNR CEBU, LEVEL 2, SM CEBU Cebu Business Park Cebu City, 6000
  • RUNNR BHS, LEVEL 1, B3 Bonifacio High Street Fort Bonifacio,Taguig City, 1634
  • RUNNR ATC, LEVEL 2, Alabang Town Center The Garden, Muntinlupa City, 1799

31 Responses to Hoka One One is Now in Town

  1. Diane and Lisa (@those2girls)

    This is a brand new brand to me. Thanks for providing some very important information about these running shoes.

  2. Dawn McAlexander

    They really have some nice looking shoes. I would love to have a a pair of them for myself. I have not heard of them here in the states, though.

  3. Kate | Life of a Ginger

    These look like great sneakers. Nothing like a good pair of running shoes to make your feet happy!

  4. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    What stylish shoes. I love comfy shoes like these look to be. The colors are great too.

  5. Tiffany Yong

    Wow, I wonder how this feels agains Under Armour or even Adidas. Will try them if they are ever in Singapore! Like the amount of cushion and support it seems to give!

  6. Ave Hla

    I haven’t heard of Hoka One One before but they running shoes look really great. My husband loves running, so have to share this brand with him too!

  7. Prairie Gal Cookin

    How interesting! I’ve never heard of this brand, but they look like they have some good shoes.. Just when I was in the market for some – Thanks for sharing!

  8. poojakawatra

    I have not heard about it brand before but since you have mentioned that it is available in Singapore also.Will g and check out on my own.

  9. Diana Ajih

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but the shoes look great! I especially love all the different colors and designs. Just my style!

  10. Mommy Peach

    It’s my first time to hear about Hoka One. It sounds like a great brand.

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