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Hello Philippines… Hello World… I’m Back!!!

Posted by on 6. August 2009

There’s a big downside of the five days I was in China… No Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Multiply… So even at this late hour I’m still online and catching up on lost times and glad to be home finally… Hello Philippines!!! Hello World!!! I’m back!!!

The trip started with a pleasant surprise… bumping into Rowan in the same flight going to Hong Kong… though it was short or else I would be clogging the passing lanes, I do appreciate seeing one of friends from SGV who I don’t see often… It was a short layover in HK and then off to Hangzhou…

Lucky to be able to arrive a bit earlier in Hangzhou as we had some time to go around the West Lake though it was a bit misty and smoggy to appreciate the view… Must be a better Sunset and Sunrise view with such a wide lake… Then pretty much the usual stuff except for some witty remark from me on using a stress band to survive querry-a-minute director.

Board Meeting… Not much fireworks… but did dress the part with a black long sleeve polo with orange lines matched with an orange tie… If you can’t beat them, outdress them… hehe… Come to think of it, it was more of the color of halloween… Able to survive as usual but one thing I’ve noticed this one took so much of my patience preparing… I just wonder at this pace, might there come a time that all the good and understanding side of me be gone for good???

That’s something I have to replenish during the lighter times… Finished some issues in Hangzhou and off to a few hours road trip to Shanghai, which was spent checking on some HO issues… Hay… And on my way back, I did see that there was a Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park… Must have been fun to see an actual Polar Bear???

Next stop was Shanghai Finance… Finished everything early afterrnoon which gave me the opening to go around in the afternoon… Sky Scraper hopping in the afternoon with a visit to the TV Tower which is now dwarfed by the taller Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center… There must be a race to the sky among Shanghai buildings as the Shanghai tower under construction will even be higher than this two structures… Waited for Sunset at the Bund and at nightfall wherein the bund with its bright lights becomes such a nice attreaction…

Today, I had full morning but was too tired to go around so check out and took an early cab to the airport… which was a bit different from my original plan on taking the high speed train, which could have brought me to the airport in 8 minutes, instead of the 40 plus minutes by cab… again too tired to explore and I already tried it before…

TIRED has been such a common word… now to revisit the word… REST…

Thoughtless thoughts: If you’re a diamond, you’ll always be a diamond… No need to tell people you’re a diamond… cause you’ll just stand out.

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