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Hack Attacked until now…

Posted by on 14. February 2008

It’s been months now since my email account was hacked and up to now, I’m still feeling the effects of the hacker with still several friends being victimized… Friends, please note the following:

1) is a hacked account
2) I’m using a postpaid account and a prepaid account (so please don’t send any loads whatsoever, if the hacker requests it)
3) Though I may be at times out of the country for business trip, I am still Philippine based most of the time. (Don’t believe representation that I’m in Dubai or US… or any other place without checking on me… so many means to contact me…)
4) Do not open links for pictures site… my pics are in multiply… (The hacker uses a phising site wherein you have to login using your yahoo account… once you login to this site, he gets your password)…
5) If any thing appears inconsistent, ask trivial questions which I can answer.
6) I don’t usually ask for help even at my lowest points.

I’m quite tired now with the effects of %$%#%$$%^$ hacker… Please if you have virus, big files, spam mails, send them to… I am now reposting this message as a reminder to be more careful in helping people online without checking on them…

I hope that he would stop already since its been a while now that he has bug me and my friends… With his skills in hacking, he’s definitely someone who can work and succeed… I just hope people skilled enough to hack an account be able to use their talent in something productive… =<

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