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Posted by on 24. August 2007

Looks like I’m gonna bid adieu to my email account for over 10 years…… My email address had been hacked… Happened this afternoon in the midst of a busy Friday and a the exhilarating wait for a long weekend…

It happened through one of my friends ym account which had been hacked and after a short chat, which was in Tagalog, so the hacker was definitely a Filipino, there’s a message to check out a link in geocities and which would require you to login your flickr account and as you log in, the hacker would then have the password… access your account… change your password and security information… and walah.. you lose your yahoo account… then the hacker moves on to the next victim using your account this time…

Too bad, I lose my address book, my yahoo account, my emails and have my friends in peril from a hacker, who may be interested in using other people’s account for personal gain… I just hope that I’d be the last victim to be hacked… and that no further damage be done to me or my friends… except maybe to the one who hacked my account… =>

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