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Fun Under the Sea in Coron

Posted by on 6. March 2011

It’s not yet the season of vacations yet I couldn’t pass up on this one. A trip to Coron has always had me interested from the stories I heard and from the pictures I saw so had to see it for myself this time around.

The place is such a dive and snorkeling haven with islets, coral gardens, sunken boat and submarine sites with a very rich diversity of its marine life. Then you have the interesting lakes lagoons with it’s own features and stories… Kayangan Lake with the picturesque view and cave adventure… The Mystical Barracuda Lake with the interesting tale on how it got its name… and Twin lagoons which intersects on a towering rock partition. There’s those fine white sand beaches that is still so pristine where you can relax by the ‘duyan’ covered by mangroves and just feel the sea breeze.

Most of the fun, you have it by the waters but the town also has its mountains to climb. We were able to take a view of the whole place in Mt. Tapyas after a 700+ steps climb and as an additional reward, we got to see the sun rise that morning. When you get to visit a place like Coron, you get to realize that nature in its simplest form is such a magnificent site.

14 Responses to Fun Under the Sea in Coron

  1. Adeline Yuboco

    Seeing this makes me even more excited for my upcoming trip to Palawan. Unfortunately, Coron isn’t in our itinerary in this trip. But it’s okay. Gives me a good reason to come back, right?

  2. Wanderer Juan

    Coron is a true gem in Palawan. There are so many sights to see and things to do. I want to go back to Coron already haha

  3. Rebel Sweetheart

    My best friend has been here and says the place is awesome. 🙂

  4. Fernando Lachica

    Coron is a beautiful place, as what I’ve heard with my friends. Hope you enjoyed!

  5. chubskulit

    Wow, look at that view, rejuvenating!

  6. Marie

    Coron is a beautiful place! Hope it wont get eaten by commercialism

  7. nadine | flipinistas

    thanks for sharing your fun adventure under the sea! Hehe. Makes me want to go too!

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