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Fridays > Mondays

Posted by on 5. June 2009
Having a hard time rising up and starting early… must be the weather… just glad that its a Friday… and the next day is a sleep all you can event… hehe…

Just when I had the thought that the upside to the cold rainy weather is that I get to wear those warm knitted long sleeves in my closet and actually go to work wearing it… The sun shines real hard… Looks like I share the same sense of timing with the weather bureau canceling class on such a sunny day…

Fridays is way better than Monday as it signals the end of the week… and it starts a fun event or just a time to rest… Monday sucks since it’s a full five days away from the weekend plus I get up so early having to meet the coding cutoff…

A simple cycle… It’s just good that I can still tell apart days since it could only mean one thing when every day seems like Monday… These are busy times… Thankfully, I’m still not in that phase… =>

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