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Franckenstein, Jingasaur, Rondzter and Marooster

Posted by on 21. December 2007

I’m still on Holiday Mode (I think we all are… unless you’re too much of a workaholic)… What started as a light social calendar this week suddenly became jammed… The night seems endless as of late but with company of great friends… who cares!!!

Had a nice dinner at Pizza hut bistro yesterday with Jing, Rondz and Marose… In 2005 audit, the three were my auditors during the IFRS transition… then 2 years forward… Jing is now a treasured ally… Rondz is now an OFW (you’re trip is almost over and we haven’t given you you’re sampaguita garland) and Marose is still in SGV… It was great to meet up sometime for a Christmas dinner… and big thanks to Marose for being able to join us even at her hectic schedule.

A few stories after, Marose had to catch up with her appointment and Jing had to catch up with her shuttle… so had coffee with Rondz after…. and that was the night or so I thought…

Excess inkblogs: And a little bit of Kinney

I chance upon meeting Gemskie (co-FAA baby) in Pizza Hut that night and then came the topic of Al aka Kinney (She’s a girl)… so I then called Kinney and it just so happened that she just arrived from Hong Kong that day so we then decided to meet up at around 10 pm… Genskie had to beg off since she was still in Pizza hut at that time… so had a few drinks at National Sports Grill with Kinney… so the last time, we met, we weren’t able to talk much on how she decided to come back to Manila… so it was a long catch up and I’m sure, given that we’re both based in Makati, there’ll be more of this and maybe next time with the other FAA babies as well… and finally, it was time to call it a night….


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