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Franc Ramon

I’m a Franc of all trade.

I’m a CPA and Finance person by profession and I do get my fair share of corporate headaches and pressures but other than that I’m now firmly attached to the finer side of life.

I train, I run and I race.  Running has now been a part of my lifestyle and so is the endless chase of new personal records, longer distances, various terrains and new challenges.

I travel… for work, for fun, for rest or just to explore new frontiers.  I’m such a free spirit when it comes to travel and I probably have one foot forward when it comes to going for new adventures.

I’m a thinker.  I have my point of view to absolutely everything under the sun.  I’m creative enough to come up with new ideas no matter how crazy it is.

I’m a writer ever since I had the sudden urge to join our school paper in high school and I am now back to my writing roots… whether I’m writing about my thoughts, my travels, my runs or absolutely any topic that may come to mind and this site is a haven of all version of me being a Franc of all trades.


27 Responses to About

  1. rochelle ibanez

    Greetings, Sir! I would like to ask your current job and have you been an OFW or became close with OFWs?

  2. Deepak


    I am a webmaster of Travel Website site.I want to be Link Partner with your sites.If you are interested contact me or send me your webmaster E-mail id.

    Thank You

  3. Pa Ul

    Nice story about you, very open and interesting.

  4. Ella James

    Hope you’re keeping well!

    I’m Ella an avid reader and a blogger.

    Your blog Francramon is the most interesting one I have come across in the recent times, Kudos!

    Your blog awakened the writer in me I thought an article from a reader like me could be an interesting addition to your site.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Ella James

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