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Finally Ready to Party

Posted by on 8. March 2008

In just a few hours, it’ll be my birthday… Happy Birthday to me!!! Though I’ve set the celebration weeks back, it is only late this afternoon that I am starting to get excited on my special day…

What went in the way was a phalanx of things to be done and a major presentation this afternoon… It’s been a near breaking point at work… Maybe I’m just taking in too much load for my own good… but I’m still surviving… Even setting up the parties that come with my birthday has been so stressfull… Funny how the venue of my party went from good earth to nommu until finally settling for both… Even having fun is generating some level of strain…

Now, I’m finally putting everything aside for the next few hours and tomorrow is mine… mine… All mine… I’m now in the center of the universe for the time being… I might as well live the borrowed time before I just become a single speck in the midst of all the eventualities that come and go… Ok have to leave for the mean time and will be seeing Ateneo friends shortly… and then the party is about to start… =>

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