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Posted by on 2. February 2009

The days has shifted fast and we’re now in the second month of the new year… though there are some events and vacations that I’d want upcoming… I’d wish time would go on Slow-mo as we’re two weeks away from a deadline… and the clouds has not really cleared on this one…

I guess I was able to conserve my energy this time since I really haven’t spent much of my energy whining… and I hope I won’t soon… I usually am my dreamy self this time of year thinking about upcoming happy events in the succeeding months to divert the stress related matters that lingers around me… Not this time… at least, not yet…

Early morning on a Monday and a bit typical of me to oversleep on a weekend and have so little sleep the night before the start of the week… I was so engrossed answering face book comments from SGV Friend Sharon (She’s now SG based and no longer a phone call away… so much of phone a friend lifeline…=>) and then, sleep was evasive early morning… I’ll just have to rely on whatever energy I stored from a lazy weekend…

So better get back to work as the more I think of pulling the hands of time from ticking… the faster it moves… and the challenges are up and coming… At least, there’s so much fun events after everything has been said and done… =>

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