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FAA Get together, Grad Day, and Taipei 101

Posted by on 13. August 2006

August 4, 2006 – Had a short get together with former officemates under FAA’s cluster… First had dinner at Friday’s with She, Mark, Donald and Anna… After dinner, the rest had to go home and it was the time that Sharon, Macoy and FAA were available so we had coffee at Starbucks at 6750… Well, the get together was just the start of a busy weekend… August 6, 2006, After months of completing my requirements in MBA… I was finally conveyed my degree served on a Silver plater… Quite a memorable to cap my two years at Ateneo graduate school of business. August 8-12, 2006 – It was my fifth visit to Taipei to attend the Board Meeting… The board was held at Xiangshan plant, a province in Taiwan. Xiangshan is one of Taiwan’s province. Back in Taipei, there was already on observatory at Taipei 101, the World’s Tallest Building, in the 89th floor so I took the chance to go up in the 89th floor via the world’s fastest elevator, taking just 38 seconds going up to the 89th floor. As an added bonus, I was able to visit their outdoor viewing area at the 91st floor, which was so close to the tallest peak of the building… Had to go home back to the Philippines after an exhausting

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