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Posted by on 23. August 2008

It happened so fast… even after office hours, I got a call that I would be needed to take part with a meeting with a bank in Cambodia… No ticket, no cash advance and no plan… So as part of my two-kets blog, it’s now e-ket or emergency ticket… Was able to make some calls to arrange the advance and had to rush to our travel agent early morning for my e-ket and wahlah… I’m off on another foreign business trip… Too bad, it had to eat a portion of my long weekend… waah…

Monday Ph-Ho Chi Min-Phnom Penh
Tuesday Phnom-Penh – Kampong Cham – Phnom Penh
Wednesday Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Min-Ph
Thursday Makati Office
Friday – Four day vacation in Hong Kong

Well, I expected the travel but not at such short notice… all part of the job… Hay life!!! As things may seem, I may need to have a few more travel within the year… Maybe I ought to stop blogging about tw0-kets or three-kets as it always turns out there’s always an e-ket that follows… Anyway, two more days to enjoy in Ph… =>

Excess Inkblogs: I’m starting to miss Ph already knowing that I’ll be almost barely here in the next week and a half…

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