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Dawn of the Busy Days

Posted by on 18. January 2008

Busy days are coming and this week, I’m starting to feel the strain… Not much OT but so much work to do… Efficiency and stress are on an upswing…

Got a change of scenery with a plant tour for the bankers at Bataan today… 7 am departure time from Makati office with Ms. Del and Jing and the bankers… Got to the plant early so had a nice plant tour and meeting…

Arrived in Manila at around 5 pm… Jing and I went to Fitness First in the Block… and attended the body combat classes (ouch… my body’s hurting)… I took the MRT for the first time in quite some time and the funny part is that I totally forgot to use the MRT card since I got the black dilapidated one and I didn’t know which side was the right side… hehe…

I was planning on going home to Baguio today to reconnect with friends there since this may be the last time I could go there as it’s the dawn of the busy days… but I decided to just take a rest and maybe attend tomorrow’s shooters night at Cig’s… and there’ll always be my birthday to go back in Baguio in March… things will be more stable by then… =>

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