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Condura Skyway Marathon

Posted by on 12. February 2011

Chasing my 10K PR!!!

Distance: 10K
Time: 1 hour 4 minutes
Date: February 6, 2011
Pace: 6:24 minutes / kilometer

Sub60 and away

Heading into Condura 2011, I was a fraction of a minute away from my sub60 10K goal finishing Subic International Marathon in 1:01. I was really pressured to do well in this run after all you only get to run in the Skyway once a year.  Of course, the hilly route of the Skyway would also be a challenge.

The Course

Race starts at Ayala Triangle and heads towards the Makati Skyway exit in the first kilometer with a steep 50 meter climb entering the Skyway. The Skyway stretch is about 3 kilometers out and back heading to the Buendia Exit at kilometer 4.  The Buendia Stretch to Kalayaan Flyover is about 3 kilometers. The race shifts back to a climb at Kalayaan Flyover heading to BGC until kilometer 9. The race enters 32nd Street and ends at 9th Avenue for the Finish.

The Race

I was so excited for this run and as the race started, it is ON.  I went at a fast pace even if it was an uphill start running below 6 minutes per kilometer. I slowed down a bit on the climb to Skyway. I went on to catch up the sub 6 minutes per kilometer in the remaining 3K stretch in the Skyway and next kilometer heading to Buendia.   I managed to finish the first 5K below 30 minutes and I’m in range for the sub 60 finish.  First half done.

At the 5K mark, I got tempted by free bananas at the booth. Since I rushed eating the banana, my body reacted differently. The energy boost I expected turned out to give me a heavier tummy resulting to a struggle for the next 3 kilometers.  Bad Banana.  Never do something new on race day.  I was still able to maintain a fast pace but the effort put into each step was heavier.  I really felt like vomiting throughout all those three kilometers. I persevered on this part but I did lose some precious minutes because of the struggle. My body recovered at kilometer 8 in the middle of the climb. I tried to speed up to catch up on my lost pace and went on to speed up until the finish line.

I still was able to complete the run at a decent pace. No new PRs here though the course was longer by 400 meters. Running the Skyway was really an experience even if it was a brief climb in Makati Flyover.  I’m definitely looking forward to more runs at the Skyway and even a longer distance.


The Lesson

I’ll learned my lesson here to avoid anything that can make a stomach heavy during the run.  It’s always best to try something new on training before an actual race.  When running a race you get to run against thousands of runner but the biggest competition you have within a race is yourself.  I had a decent time but sub60 was a goal and it was not met at this race so will work harder towards that goal.

11 Responses to Condura Skyway Marathon

  1. Nickle Love

    You’re so competitive. I’m sorry but I LOL’d at the tempted by free bananas part. I would have been tempted too, if I were in your place, because I love bananas. :))

  2. Elizabeth O.

    It’s still great that you were able to meet your goal. I never thought you could eat at a race. At least you learned something in the process, right? Here’s to more Skyway Marathons!

  3. Bhushavali

    10K in 1 hr, that too when its raining like that – that’s awesome!!! Congrats!!

  4. PJ Zafra

    Wow that looks like strong rain in the first photo. Must have been a challenge on wet pavement. That banana made you lose focus and instead, make you want more food. lol Well, a hard lesson learned. More power to you Franc!

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