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Color Manila Run 2017

Posted by on 9. January 2017
Another Colorful Start of the Year for Me!

Another Colorful Start of the Year for Me!

For the 5th straight year, I’m starting the year the colorful way.  It’s just mesmerizing to watch the colorful display at the color powder ceremony. It’s just pure fun being splattered with color powders along the different color powder station each having a unique theme.  Happy Colorful New Year to One and All!

Happy Colorful New Year!!! - Photo by RJ of Running Photographers

Happy Colorful New Year!!! – Photo by RJ of Running Photographers

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Color Manila Run 2017

5 colorful years of Color Manila

5 colorful years of Color Manila

Honestly, I woke up late for the run because my body clock is still on off season. It was a good thing that I set my alarm an hour earlier, which made it possible to still meet the 6 am gun start.  It’s always like that on my first race of the year but knowing that its a no-pressure, all-fun run makes Color Manila Run my first race of the year. In fact, it’s been that way for the last 5 years.  I haven’t missed the event since it started and would probably be present in the next stagings too.   This would surely be fun!!!

Race Route

Race Route is powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports.

Race Route is powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports.

The race starts at Seaside Boulevard and heads to the right side of Diokno Boulevard and Sunrise Drive for an out and back before heading to Macapagal Boulevard at the 3 kilometer mark.  The race then goes to Macapagal Boulevard and V. Sotto for the u-turn at kilometer 5.  The race heads back to Seaside drive for the next 2 kilometers before going to the left side of Diokno Boulevard for an out and back and the finish at Seaside Drive.

The Race

Before Gunstart with Spongebob Runner

Before Gunstart with Spongebob Runner

After arriving 30 minutes before gun start, I went around the village to check on some running friends.  I first saw Merl (Spongebob runner) and his son so I went with them before the opening ceremonies.  After the opening prayer, national anthem and warm up, it was gun start.  I was planning to start slow as I’m no longer built for road races having been on off season and spending most of the time on the trails.

Another Colorful start of the year at Color Manila – Photo by Rj of Running Photographers.

At gunstart, I started fast for the first 500 meters just to have more running space given that there are thousands of runners in the 10K distance.  After that it was all easy pace for me.  I really felt rusty for this one and even early in the race, I had shin splints so I went on a shorter run- walk pace just to ensure I would still be pacing at a consistent pace.  That’s one of the good things I like about Color Manila Run. It’s a no-pressure race and most of the participants are there just to have fun.

A-Ok!!! - Photo by RJ of Running Photographers

A-Ok!!! – Photo by RJ of Running Photographers

After the out and back at Diokno Boulevard, the Purple Station was located at Sunrise Drive.  Each color station had a different theme, which made each visit at the color station a unique experience.  We got splattered by purple powders and we’d be keeping that color for quite some time as the next color station would be at the second half of the race.

having fun - Photo by RJ of Running Photographers.

having fun – Photo by RJ of Running Photographers.

I started to get more comfortable running again when I reached Macapagal Boulevard. I also saw the early finishers in the 21 kilometer category by the other side of the road.  I went on a longer run interval in Macapagal and V. Sotto heading to the u-turn slot and just like that the race is halfway through.  I went on a consistent effort on the way back to Seaside Drive promising myself to just enjoy the color station at the last 3 kilometers of the race.

With the Great Jared, Spongebob Runner and Son.

With the Great Jared, Spongebob Runner and Son.

The first was the Orange station and it had a sporty theme with several minor obstacle. I said hi to Coach Mherlz, who was part of the Orange station.  It was party atmosphere at Diokno Boulevard starting with the Blue Station with a really upbeat drums being played throughout the event.  The next was the green station, which was my favorite station.  They had a really upbeat music and the volunteers were really gamely dancing with the participants.

We love of Vitamin Boost!!!

We love of Vitamin Boost!!!

The other side of Diokno Boulevard had the yellow station which was another lively themed station.  The last station was the pink station, which was also fully entertaining and fun.  It was then time to head to the finish line with the last 500 meters of the race.  That was really fun and except for the rustiness, it didn’t feel like a 10 kilometer run because I was having so much fun in the race.

With LJ of Running Photographers.

With LJ of Running Photographers.

I then spent the rest of the time meeting running friends and of course, watching the much awaited Color Powder Ceremony. Justine of Color Manila made the last two minutes before the festival a lot more meaningful by reminding us that 2017 is a new year, a new start and a time for change.  Powders up and it was another glorious color display that has continued to visually amaze my for the past 5 years. Great job Color Manila!

Thanks to my Sponsor Lightwater/Vitamin Boost for the pack of Vitamin Boost.

Thanks to my Sponsor Lightwater/Vitamin Boost for the pack of Vitamin Boost.

34 Responses to Color Manila Run 2017

  1. Dawn McAlexander

    That looks like a lot of fun. I couldn’t handle the running, but getting the colors all over me would be really fun.

  2. Emily, Our house now a home

    How awesome! Congrats on doing this, so inspiring! We did a small one in our town that was for my kids elementary school. So it was only a 1 mile walk/run. But it was a ton of fun!

  3. It´s Really Kita (@itsreallykita)

    I’ve always wanted to try the color run! It looks like the best way to run ever! ha!

  4. mimicutelips

    This is my most favorite run. The colors are so pretty and it’s a run I do with my family.

  5. Stephanie Jeannot

    Happy colorful new year. I love the color thing. Cool! Oh you are a runner? I recently sang at the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon. I saw so many runners. You guys are very inspiring.

  6. Patricia Tan

    Nah I may not into running but I am totally excited to get dirty with colorful colors these coming event in Cebu, Sinulog! Congrats and take care with your runs Sir Franc!

  7. vermishelly

    Franc, it’s only the 2nd week of January and you are already running! Hahaha your consistency is really admirable. 😀 Color Run looks fun, but don’t you just find it so difficult to get rid of the colors after? I was in India for Holi Festival and until now, I can’t get rid of the purple colors on my shoes. Huhuhu Let me know if you have tips!

  8. George Felix

    Looks like you had a lot of fun with the running and the colors. You are an inspiration. Keep going!

  9. Bhushavali

    Wow! The color run finally got over! I was in London last year when the London Color Run happened and many Indians there did get confused that it isn’t ‘Holi’, the Indian festival of colors!

  10. Daytime Vegan

    What a great way to start the year. I feel like I’ve heard of the Color Powder Ceremony before in America, or maybe they do something similar in Los Angeles. I just remember seeing pics of people covered in bright colors and it was beautiful. I would love to participate in something like this.

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