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Color Manila Glitter Run

Posted by on 24. October 2017

With Princess and Maica

Growing up and getting old is a reality but feeling old is optional.  Color Manila Glitter Run helped us reach out to the inner children within us. Color Powder, Glitters and Bubbles plus a  festive run gave us a really fun time with close friends.

Color Manila Glitter Run

The Princess with her bubble crown.

A bubble shower at the finish line was the perfect way to cap this run.  It was back to the childhood days where we’d go on carefree mode just enjoying those moments as it happens.  This was followed by several more glitter station giving us a lot more glittery and colorful kind of dirty too.  Color Manila just doesn’t run out of ways to make the run extra fun for the participants.

With MJ and Que

With MJ and Que

The story of Color Manila has been one feel-good story for years now.  It started with a risky experiment years back on trying out a never-before tried color run concept in the country in a peaking running scene several years ago to a endless fun, party concept that has thrilled hundreds of thousands of runners.  It’s been a launching pad of the no-bies, my term for no previous running or fitness activity, to avid and passionate runners.

Color Manila has been among the few runs that keeps me on the road this day because of its fun concept.  It was a busy weekend for me but I’m glad to squeeze in a short and fun 5K run with Princess and Maica.  I am lucky enough to have these two pretty ladies to join me for this one.  It was a busy weekend for the two of them too but it’s a festive mood and we’re going at a chill pace so this should be fun.

We didn’t rush on this one but came just in time to the gunstart of the 5K run and immediately joined the action.  The festivities began with the gunstart and we immediately got dosed with water just a few meter after the starting line.  We went at just a jog paced and took time to take photos at the color stations.  Each color station had its share of music and gimmicks.

The Pretty Ones.

The Pretty Ones.

First up was the orange station and followed by the green station, we made sure that we got real dirty at each station.  After enjoying each station, we’d resume our jog at an enjoyable pace.  I had to take a few breathers though as I still have cough so I had to take it a little bit easier than the usual.  It was a long run from the green station as we took Diokno Boulevard, Seaside Drive u-turn before the blue station at sunrise drive.

The Flying Princess

The Flying Princess

We played around at the blue station by throwing color powders at each other. We then headed to Diokno Boulevard and made our return to Seaside Drive for the finish line.  We started to speed up to finish but of course, there will always be time for picture taking at a course like this.

After the photo-ops, we then dashed our way to the finish line.  Yeah, let’s add a bit of challenge by sprinting to the finish line.  Once we’d hit the finish line, it was the bubble station and also back to our childhood playing in the bubbles with not a care in the world.

After a while we made our way to the event area where we got surprised by two more glitter stations.  We got splattered by glitters and it was a shiny finish for the three of us.  You’ll just love Color Manila by the many ways they bring back the fun in the run.

Of course, breakfast!

Of course, breakfast!

24 Responses to Color Manila Glitter Run

  1. Lisa

    I would have to agree that glitter, bubbles and lots of color would make for a super fun run. It looks like you all had a blast.

  2. Victoria Heckstall

    I absolutely love the event of glitter run! I’m pretty sure that it was really fun!

  3. Liz Mays

    Aww, everyone seems to be having such a good time! It’s cool that you were able to take your time and stop at each station. I think this run sounded like fun!

  4. Pam Wattenbarger

    What a fun run! The color runs near me have never had glitter stations mixed in.

  5. ricci

    Now this looks like. fun run!! I would love to do something fun like this one day!!

  6. marysa

    That flying princess pic is awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time. And sounds like a really messy run! I’ve heard of color runs, but not glitter and bubbles, all together!

  7. mysocalledchaos

    That is so cool, good job! I need to get in better shape so I can do more stuff like this.

  8. Jeanine

    sounds like such a fun time! I have always wanted to do a run like this. I would love some glitter!

  9. Shell

    Aww what a fun run and opportunity!!! Looks like you had a lovely time!!

  10. adriana

    What a fun time! Color runs are awesome, my friend did one recently and it looked like such a blast! Love it!

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