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Coach Roel Birthday Run 2018

Posted by on 27. March 2018
5K at 35 minutes

5K at 35 minutes

Coach Roel’s Birthday Run is another intimate run I’ve been doing yearly.  I love that its more of a celebration than a competition.  It makes you feel the warmth of the running community celebrating in a more festive mood.  Happy Birthday Coach Roel!

Coach Roel Birthday Run

It’s always a fun mood at Coach Roel’s Birthday Run. A few years ago, I joined the 5K distance and also the mixed relay. We ended up 3rd in the relay.  Last year, we had a scenic yet challenging trail route from Mount Sinai to Timberland and back.  This year, the race returns to ultra with the main category being the 41K from Antipolo to Ultra. That’s 1 kilometer for each year of Coach Roel’s age.  There were also fun categories in the 5K, 10K and the relay categories.  I joined the 5K distance just for fun.

Nice seeing you Nicole.

Nice seeing you Nicole.

The 5K was a simple 12 loops around the oval with one loop being 400 meters. What I like about running in the oval is that it divides the run into shorter sets.  I didn’t need to think about running 5K, I just needed to run 400 meters again and again.  I haven’t really run on long stretches lately with trail runs and races being more at hiking pace.  The softer surface of the oval reduces the strain in running.  I came just a few minutes to spare before gun start.

Photo by Active Pinas

Photo by Active Pinas

After a short zumba warm up, the race started with the inner lanes for the 5K runners and the outer loops for the 10K runners.  I started too fast pace for my own good because I easily get swayed by the pace of the leading runners.  The first loop was the fastest until I started having shin splints in the first few loops.  It’s usually common for me to have shin splints whenever I start too fast.  I had to walk a few stretches into the third loop and then re-strategize with run-walk sets for the latter loops.  I kept the walking sets short though so I won’t get lazy on the run.

Photo by Active Pinas

Photo by Active Pinas

I endured the pain of the shin splints int the 6 loops until my legs finally felt warm enough for a good run.  I started doing longer sets of run and the just took a few seconds of waking breaks in the second half of the race.  My pace was steadier on the second half of the race. I was counting down the loop until I’ve reached the 12th loop and earned my medal at 35 minutes.  It felt ‘bitin’ as I just got warmed up in the second half of the race but it’s a good work out for me.

With Loyce Nunez - Photo by Active Pinas

With Loyce Nunez – Photo by Active Pinas

The next part was the “kwentuhan sessions” with fellow runners who either did the 41K, the short runs or those who was just there to support the cause.  That’s what you get with intimate runs, you spend more time post race than the race itself. We also had to watch the really competitive relay events.

With Mamaw Lilibeth Flores. Photo by Jeff Santiago

With Mamaw Lilibeth Flores. Photo by Jeff Santiago

There were a lot of categories for the relay events, which makes you a better appreciation of the track sports.  The relays went by at such a fast and competitive pace that we were left in awe by the speed of the participants.  Then there was the awarding of the different winners.

Boodle Fight.

Boodle Fight.

Among the highlights of the event was the boodle fight for all.  I just had a few bites but it was really fun seeing a community eating together as one.   It was a short run with a longer time with the community.

Happy Birthday Coach Roel!

Happy Birthday Coach Roel!

19 Responses to Coach Roel Birthday Run 2018

  1. Emily

    This seems like a really fun run! I like that there was a Zumba warm up, seems like a great way to kick things off and enjoy the race.

  2. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    Congratulation on completing this run. It looks like a wonderful experience. What a wonderful way to Coach Roel decided to celebrate his birthday.

  3. Nita Okoye

    I would definitely love to attend one of these!

  4. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    How lovely to participate in a run that is more of a celebration instead of a competition. It’s great that you enjoy it so much to attend yearly 🙂

  5. robin rue

    A zumba warm up? I am a zumba girl so I LOVE that. What a fun way to warm up! Glad you had a good race.

  6. Candy Kage

    Having different categories is always a plus you get to choose what you want to run. Fun to participate in something that is for someone that was special in a persons life.

  7. Kelly Reci

    Wow! Zumba as a warm up?! That must be intense – I use Zumba as an actual workout because it really does get your heart rate going. Looks like a great run you participated in.

  8. chubskulit rose

    Such a healthy way to celebrate birthday. In fact, that is a great idea for celebrating birthday!

  9. Amber

    You did awesome! I like that Zumba was a warmup. I’d probably be walking throughout most of the events. My sides start to hurt and I’m all, “Done!” and then I’ll go to walking.

  10. Jeanine

    Congrats on this run! What a fun time, and so inspiring. Wish I had the energy or drive to do runs like these. Would be so awesome.

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