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Posted by on 9. June 2009

Circles That’s how my day evolve… A Problem solving roulette that always ended up with same point…

I had my two hands full of work today in my very brief business trip to Taipei… I guess that’s expected with me squeezing everything today so I can get back to Ph tom… so a whole days worth of meeting that seems to go in circles… The solutions are obvious but stubborn heads are hard to sway… Patience my dear Franc… and patience it is as I was occupied until 11 pm today…

Small victories that’s how I take satisfaction on improbable task… and at least we’re on the right track… and the little patience gained and the baby steps taken could go a long way… we’ll see where this is headed… I’m just glad that I would still make my flight tom… and from circles, I’d want to switch to several big letters….ZZZZZZZ….

Excess Inkblogs: Slightly feel bad that I wasn’t able to catch Starbucks still open due to the meetings… I really wanted to check out if they have their Taipei mini mugs… I might try to catch early tom before I take my flight…

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