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Christmas Tags

Posted by on 9. December 2007

After all the work, the tension and the drama at work (that’s an understatement)… I finally had a weekend off and in time for Christmas Party at Tagaytay last Saturday and Sunday… it was time to play house mates again though this time, there were only a few of us around(Blue, MJ, Jan, Cig, Bogz, Paulo and me)… Though a break is a break and the cool confines of the Rodeo Hills house we stayed in was not only an excellent place to have fun but to catch some sleep as well…

In the afternoon of Saturday, most of us were all asleep until Blue and MJ came back from Taal Vista… so then the dinner preparations… dinner and the gift grabbing which was fun even if there was only seven of us… It could have been wackier if the rest were able to come along… After a few drinks, a nice chat and whole lots of laughter… we all called it a night and I did have my nice long sleep I’ve been longing for the past few weeks…

The next day started with breakfast… After all of us were already done with their morning rituals… we then headed off to The Riviera for lunch with Owen… so it was a nice buffet lunch for all of us… Then we were on our way to Jan’s bazaar in Valle Verde… wherein we stayed for a while and I left with Blue and MJ at around 5 pm to call it a weekend… So goes my nice weekend break… and back to the regular drama at the office… hehe… =>


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