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My Runs

Running was an unexpected passion but it did caught up real fast that started with those 3K and 5K runs then to 10K, 15K and 16K road races and a consistent training regimen that started late 2010 and the passion has endured and taking a shot at longer and faster runs.

Personal Records

3K: 17 minutes

5K: 27 minutes

6K: 34 Minutes

10K: 59 minutes

12K: 1 hour 19 minutes

15K: 1 hour 35 minutes

16K: 1 hour 42 minutes

21K: 2 hours 18minutes

32K 3 hours 57 minutes

42K 5 hours 42 minutes

DBB Moutain Rockstar 2018

Mount Batolusong would always be a challenge but with it comes the overwhelming view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. DBB Mountain Rockstar is not an easy feat but as in life, the good stuff come with great effort. Continue reading »

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Trail 2 Cave 2018

Trail 2 Cave 2018 was a feel-good trail with a little dose of elevation and a rolling terrain. It was a fast 20K yet I enjoyed every minute of it as my eyes feasted on the rich green Laguna scenery. Continue reading »

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Coach Roel Birthday Run 2018

Coach Roel’s Birthday Run is another intimate run I’ve been doing yearly. I love that its more of a celebration than a competition. It makes you feel the warmth of the running community celebrating in a more festive mood. Happy Birthday Coach Roel! Continue reading »

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Mount Sembrano Mountain Run 2018

Overheard: “Ang hirap pala nito, kaya pala yung deadline ng registration ng DBB Mountain Rockstar kahapon para wala ng atrasan.”
Mount Sembrano is definitely a trap with a really painful technical climb but if you put that aside, you get to play around the scenic ridges of Mount Sembrano for most of the run. Continue reading »

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Trail Festival 2018

If I had a home court, it would be the Yellow Trail of Camp John Hay. This is one of the things I like about Trail Festival 2018. It’s familiar yet it never grows old on me. It has the pine forested feel with a challenging high altitude and rolling terrain. Continue reading »

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Zarks Ultimate Fun Run 2018

I love intimate runs especially when there’s the freshly-made, tasty and mouthwatering Zarks Ultimate Burger waiting for you at the finish line. That’s how we enjoyed Zarks Ultimate Fun Run as it’s definitely fun in the run as well as fun in the bun. Continue reading »

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Bravehearts 2018

The race earned its “Bravehearts” title as I was descending on the ropes on a really steep terrain. Good times come when you brave those tough parts. True enough, we were rewarded with a whole ridge view of the sea of clouds as we made our way into the race. Continue reading »

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Color Manila Run 2018

There’s no better way to start your race calendar than enjoy the multitude of colors at Color Manila Run. That’s how I started my year for the past 6 year and it still remains as fun an as visually exciting as ever. Continue reading »

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STAR Trail Challenge

You can have all the bright ideas in the world but if you don’t have people to execute its just bound to be an idea. After the successful Sierra Trail Adventure Race 2016, it took time before I was mentally ready for its sequel. I also needed the experience and expertise of Be Trail Ready team and the full backing of the sponsors just to make sure STAR Trail Challenge would be a success. Continue reading »

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We Run We Care We Share

We Run We Share We Care is an intimate run for a cause spearheaded by Reyes Tacandong & Co Foundation Inc. For me, it was a chance to meet up and run with former mentors and colleagues in the audit profession. Continue reading »

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