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Bitten by the Cleaning Bug

Posted by on 21. April 2007

This is as rare as it gets… On a week which was not really good since things haven’t been on my side lately; as well as, being out of sync at work (still on vacation mode… hehe)… Deadline is April 27 AGM at Singapore… things gets tougher by the minute… I decided to take some time out to clean my room… though it’s more of an overhaul since I practically changed the overall make up of my room…
Computer table now beside the bed… the bed now facing the TV… the three sofa stools (including one shape like a dice)… new bed sheets & pillow cases and shedding away some excess stuff… has now created a more comfortable feel of my room… Still not over though since, I’m planning to shift from curtains to blinds… and still thinking of adding a sofa adjacent to the TV (but that’s something I’d rather decide on some other day)…
Since I’ve been bitten by the cleaning bug, I also did my laundry, clean the kitchen and comfort room area… Must have been a severe infection inflicted upon me that’s why I decided to go on a cleaning spree… but I guess the new look is a welcome change, I get to see daily when I get home… At least, things are now orderly at home… Now to shift the cleanliness and clarity stuff into my way of thinking… and start my push towards things I have to do in my work… and in my life…

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