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Back to Square One

Posted by on 19. February 2009

As I was about to finish our materials for the upcoming board meeting… Everything just came back to square 1… with some issues unresolved with just a full day to finish everything… This won’t do well in the board meeting… Haay….

Now, I’m not a bit worried on how to present the financials… I’d be happy if I have something to present… Well… A full day and let’s see what happens… It’s not really unusual for occurrence like this but it’s just disappointing that it’s gonna be down to the last meeting when for the past few months we’ve prepared well enough to have the ship sail a smooth course this time of year…

Oh well… We’ll find a way… And for now, I’m back to my How I Met Your Mother marathon… It’s gonna be a rough day tomorrow…

Excess Inkblogs: Somehow I feel that some problems did manifest after the vacation ideas we were discussing… Well, that has to wait… Things get worse, there’ll always be something to look forward to… =>

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