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Back Again… For How Long???

Posted by on 11. August 2008

I’m back again after four days in Singapore… and I’ve probably been back again for so many times already… from my last count I’ve been out of the country for more than 6 months spread over 30 foreign trips for the past 5 years… I wonder if I spent those time as an OFW, maybe I could have saved something… naah… I’ll always be impulsive when it come to my spending habits at whatever level of income…

Will most likely be back again in Singapore within the week or early next week… for another business trip… and of course, there’s my HK vacation waiting by monthend… Another thing that is back is my DSL connection at home… which has become quite a burden following up and after months of complaining, it’s back… I guess, customer service is not at its best for PLDT’s DSL…

Happy to get past another half year… the degree of difficulty has me thinking if there was an easier life out there… but I’m one who lives and strives within challenging times… PATIENCE and everything will fall into place in due time… I guess, it’s not about living the perfect life but it’s more of having a tinge of sanity in this crazy world… => Anyway, sleepy head me… trying to catch up sleep from all the stress that came as of late… zzzzzzzzzzzz

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