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Another Climb at Rockwell

Posted by on 5. August 2007

I was suppose to blog about weekend off… for having a weekend with no activity… which I can say would be a welcome change since I’ve been on low battery mode for the past few days… then I remembered how I missed bowling… SMS’d Carol if she’d want to go bowling over the weekends… then came the idea of wall climbing… Invited other SGV FAA friends but they had all commitments for the weekends… so it’s a wall climbing saturday for me, Carol and Jason…

Picked up Carol from GB3 at around 1230 and Jason followed us at Rockwell… It’s my third time to climb but it’s been November 2006 since I last attempted such a feat. It was Carol and Jason’s first time… We all started with the easy ones… as we are starting on the more difficult climb… there was this determined kid… probably about 5-6 years old who was able to climb up the more difficult portion… so pride as well set in, so might as well try the more difficult climbs, which we did on the inspiration that if the kid can do it so can we… hehe…

We did enjoy the climb as it’s still a nice exercise, it’s fun to do and it’s fulfilling once you get to reach the top… Of course, there’s also those experienced climbers who showed much ease in climbing the extremely difficulty portions… so it was not pride that set in… this time it was reality that set in… fun to watch but not so easy to do… After all, we’re not spider pig, you know…. hehehehe….

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