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An Esquinita Escape

Posted by on 13. April 2007

I don’t usually go out much during weekdays… or if ever I do go out, it’s usually within the confines of Makati… so last Wednesday was a bit different as we had a sudden get together aty Esquinita near ABS-CBN in Quezon City…
Of course, traffic was terrible from Makati to QC… and what started as a meeting between Anton, Rocky with friends and Mascy turned up to be a well attended gig… with Blue, MJ, Cig, Jan and me joining as well… It’s quite a simple affair with just pulutan (barbecue, inihaw na pork chop, etc.) and a few drinks… though it took some time for the place to serve the food…
After a few hours of merriment, we each took our way home… and call it a day (and night as well)… Of course, the next thing in line to do after I reached home was….. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

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