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An Easter Dip at Baraoas Sur

Posted by on 8. April 2007

Spent Easter Sunday at Nava De Oro Resort in Naguilian, La Union with relatives… It’s quite good to be back in Naguilian where I spent most of my childhood summers… and of course, a dip in a pool is always a desired event considering the hot temperature lately…

Started the day early with an hour drive from Baguio to La Union at 6 am and eventually proceeding to the resort… a bit early but after quite a while, we were able to plunge in the pool and one good thing was that the summer heat was not as scorching in the morning… as a bonus treat, we tried the improvised go karts and had a great time as we braved the heat to take a few laps around the course…

Then lunch came… yum yum… and after lunch, we played bingo to pass the warm early afternoon… luckily, I had quite a good winning run throughout… hehe… and as the sun started to mellow down, we took a few more time around the pool… and proceeded to our trek back to Baguio City…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last been to Naguilian unlike before when I go there every summer time and just live a simpler life in a more tropical temperature… biking around the place… swimming and just braving the summer heat… Time is not as much as a luxury now as compared to when I’m studying but at least, I was able to take an Easter dip at such a familiar place… and I believe there will be more dips to come…

2 Responses to An Easter Dip at Baraoas Sur

  1. banggigay


    ur from naguilian? we went to baguio too for the easter after spending nights in pagudpud.

    if i’ve known, should have dropped to ur place cos we took the naguilian road to the city of pines! 🙂

  2. Franc

    I’m from Baguio… province lang ng iba kong cousin naguilian.

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