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An Early Bird isn’t Late

Posted by on 13. March 2008

An early bird… that hasn’t been me for quite sometime… except of course on Mondays for my coding cutoff… then again, being early hasn’t really been my cup of tea since I used to log almost 2,000 minutes a month of being late just to avoid my former boss annoying and unnecessary meeting… though I did get approval from higher authorities for such kind of action…

I’m just am not used to live by stiff rules… How can you think of out of the box solutions when you’re living in a box.??? My biggest alibi for being late… I guess, our creative juices are at its best when we work on convenient times… though once all the busy days are gone I’m definitely gonna be an early bird… cause I want to leave early too… and have all the fun that comes with the summer times…

On a mental note, I did try to be early lately but by several twist of fates, there’s always a reason for me to end up a bit late… at least I tried… but when I get my well earned rest, I’ll be up and bright each day I wake up… =>

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