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Almost Done

Posted by on 4. March 2009

Checklist for my busy season…

  • – Funding activity – done
  • – Board Meeting – done
  • – Full year announcement – done
  • – Annual Report – First draft done (though definitely still a lot of headaches on this)
  • – AGM – a month to go

Days going to my birthday, I still am in deep thought leading to things to do after I complete my checklist… A flashback in my recent past would have the milestone of raising funds as the time to consider moving on to other opportunities… Chances are with an erratic world, clouds of uncertainties will still hover in the future… though it’ll be an exciting challenge to raise funds at these times in a different environment… I guess after I finally tick off everything on my list, I’ll be a free agent… Not necessarily moving on but being open to more changes…

From almost done to adding another year to my young (ehem) age… A bit excited on meeting friends again for my birthday… Well, unlike some people, it’s one of the days I look forward to since it’s a day I can all my own… For the rest of the time, I’m more of others first but this day is all about me… I just hope it does not end up ruined by anybody this time… Maybe I should avoid the weird self righteous newbie in the office and (ok, better not to list down people to avoid… hehe)…

Roller coaster… That’s how things have progressed for the past year… Bitter… Sweet… Downbeat times… Minor victories… Impossible Situations… Improbable Solutions… I guess, when the world is in recession just having some peak times must be something to be thankful… and probably the tiring up and down pace has kept a nice mix just as a full course meal would have its variety…

And speaking of going up and up… there’s a lot in store up in the air with travels to Taiwan, Singapore, Bohol and Bora in the next few months and probably a lot more in between… and the down… I wouldn’t want to dwell on that cause it’s just part of the equation… For the mean time, at least I can smile a bit cause the difficult times are almost done… =>

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