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All Geared Up

Posted by on 2. February 2012

Once you get the hang of running, you tend to be more detail oriented on the things you wear and how it helps you throughout your run.  I’m all geared up with the following items in place.


I usually wear visors not only to protect myself from the sun’s glare but more importantly to absorb the sweat coming from my forehead and prevent it from getting into my eyes.  My eyes are quite sensitive especially with contacts on. It’s quite distracting and sometimes stings a bit.  When the sun is up especially towards the midpoint or tail end of the run, you get another layer to block the suns ray from hitting your eyes.


Even with visor on, I still prefer to have my Oakleys on to block the glare of the sun when it does come up.  Aside from the glare of the sun, you’d also want to protect your eyes from the wind and falling debris around especially if you race or train in Fort or McKinley where there are so much construction ongoing. I’m getting clear lens for my Oakleys so I can use it even on night or early morning runs.

Race Singlet

I have a Team Total Fitness Training and Race Singlet and Cycling Jersey which I use when I run.  The training singlet is a simple singlet with the Team TF logo which we use on our group sessions and sometimes even on races in cases I have back to back races in a weekend.  The race singlet and the cycling jersey have extra pockets for those energy gels and water bottles.  It does help to have extra and easy to access storage during races for a lighter and more efficient runs.


I usually go for cycling shorts or shorts with compression inside for further support to the quads.  Your quads does take a beating especially when you go all out downhill.  I don’t go for anything below the knee nor am I daring enough to go for those ultra short running shorts.  As long as its comfortable, I’m OK.


For longer runs or training runs, I usually wear CEP all sport compression sleeves to support my calf muscles from wear and tear during a run.  It also improves blood circulation thus making the leg stronger during a run.  For extreme cases like a run under the heat of the sun (e.g. Corregidor International Marathon) or early morning cool breeze (e.g. Condura 2012), I’d go with additional arms sleeves for additional protection from the suns rays or additional warmth for cold weather runs.


I’m using ON Cloudrunner (Blue) for trainings and ON Cloudsurfer (Black and Green) for races.  Both are relatively lightweight shoes at 9 ounces but the Cloudsurfer is 20 grams lighter than the Cloudrunner. Train heavy, race light.  The more cushioned and heavier shoes help build leg strength so when race day come and upon switching to the lighter shoes, you get to run with more speed.   It’s the best of both worlds with ON when it comes to having a cushioned and lightweight shoes (shoe review).


I’m also using hydration belt most of the time for runs as I’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to hydration though I’ll be trying some runs without the belt especially if the organizers have efficient water stations.  I tape my heel and ankle with muscle tape to protect it from injury.  On hot days, I’m protected with Dermplus from the UV rays of the sun.

All Geared Up

There’s one simple rule in how to gear up for a run and it’s what makes you feel more comfortable is what works for you.  So battle gears on, let’s run.

18 Responses to All Geared Up

  1. Pepper Tan

    It is important to be properly suited for whatever physical activity. It helps enhance your performance, right?

  2. joy

    oh, you’re wearing contact lenses pala, the sunglasses is a must to be worn not only to protect your eyes from the rays of the sun but as well from the wind that would make your eyes dry, bad for the lens

  3. Ness

    Good luck on your run! Im looking forward to your next post about this. 🙂

  4. Marie

    It’s really beneficial for us or for athletes to be properly equipped with gears or suited for which sport they are into…makes everything else comfy…

  5. iam Herbert (@bxunet)

    What a cool gear set you have sir. Argggggg I am so eager to run 😀

  6. Adeline

    Pretty cool stuff you have here! I wonder if those rubber shoes come in any other colors?

  7. Tori

    REading this made me miss running, been a long time since I run although I only do it in the sports complex. Great gears!

  8. riz

    properly geared up provides protection and prevent injuries.

  9. one proud momma

    ganda ng porma, bagay na bagay! 🙂

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