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A Writer Reborn

Posted by on 25. July 2005

I always had a passion for writing. I called my regular column in our college publication, “inkblots.” The passion to write at times brought me to places, where even unprepared, I still was able to write a fine piece of inkblots. Now, let me rechristen the title into something more in tune to the current time… “Inkblogs.”

The pen was always a great pal back then… an outlet of emotion… a channel for creative juices… I used to have this marathon-like exercise in writing short stories, columns, articles, poems and others… as if my hand had a mind of its own. Then somehow along the way, I ran out of ideas… drained all my fresh thoughts I once had… I knew as a writer I needed to be less naïve and more experienced. The writer in me has been on the sideline, exploring life and what it has to offer.

Now, I relive the passion… not as a career but rather as a hobby… not through a publication but rather through the net… not through inkblots but through “inkblogs.”

A writer is reborn…

6 Responses to A Writer Reborn

  1. Fernando Lachica

    A motivation deep-within, a passion to write something what’s on your mind and to tell the world, it’s me…look at me…read my mind.

  2. chubskulit

    You’re one very good writer Franc!

  3. Ria C

    I believe that passion never dies. it’s an ember in your soul that burns even if you’re not conscious of it. And it’s great to tap it and harness your potentials because that passion will be your driving force. Good you’re back to what you’re passionate about and you get to enjoy it too. Kudos!

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